Hello all this is my first blog

Hi my name is Phil  Buchan,I am a graduate of the SMWW Hockey GM and Scouting course and a big time hockey fanatic,I will be writing about Japanese hockey, the Asia Hockey League,the NHL,fantasy hockey and all other hockey topics.My favorite team is the Boston Bruins because of Orr and Esposito,I used to sign my name Phil E when I was in elementary school.My second team is the Calgary Flames because I was born in Calgary,I was part-owner of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Hockey Academy in 1995 and 1996,a hockey school that was based in Canmore Alberta.

I did my final project for SMWW on Paul Theriault who was the assistant coach for the Nippon Paper Cranes and it was very informative talking to him about the hockey business.

The Asia Hockey League kicks off its season next week with a tournament in Anyang in Korea,Nippon Paper Cranes and the Oji Eagles will represent Japan in the tournament,the other teams will be the China Sharks,Anyang Halla and High1.

Me and Paul Theriault

Me and Paul Theriault


4 Responses to “Hello all this is my first blog”

  1. Willy Badger Says:

    Dude let the games begin! Way to go!

  2. Jeff Smith Says:

    Congratulations Phil on your blogsite. I’m happy to say I knew you when you skated on your ankles – which was two years ago.

    Expect to see some blog feedback from Spruce Grove

  3. John Buchan Says:

    Well it will be interesting, are there any Canadians playing in the league?

  4. joe altwasser Says:

    Awesome site and very informative on the Asian League too!

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