Hockey pool reflections and Asian league update

Hi there all we finished our annual hockey pool on Tuesday night,the participants were Johnny boy,Jay the minister, Brian the newcomer Papa Rog and myself.Jay was lucky to get the first pick and took Crosby over Ovechkin which Rog took at #2,John took Datsyuk at 3 and the big shocker was the neophyte Brian taking Brodeur at 4.I scooped up Lecavalier and Thornton with picks 5 and 6.We picked 14 players and 1 goalie each,players get a point for a goal and an assist and goalies get 1 point for a win and 2 for a shutout,they also get 1 point for a goal or an assist.Johnny boy took a chance on Fabian Brunnstrom with his 15th pick.There are 4 trades allowed during the season and you can check out our pool at 

www,  the pool name is TokyoGuys there is no password needed to view it.

The Yahoo fantasy league Tokyo SlapshotVII has also kicked off this week,we are waiting for Yahoo to do our Autodraft,only 6 players this year so all teams should be stacked with great players.I am trying to recover from a disastrous season last year when I finished next to last after winning it all 2 years ago.

In Asian league news Seibu continues to be the class of the league and are undefeated after 6 games and they should win both games this weekend in Shanghai against the lowly Sharks who have yet to win a game.In Korea this weekend the Cranes play 2 games against High1 as former Cranes star Ryan Kuwabara plays against his former team as a member of High1.The Icebucks and Eagles will square off for 2 games in this Nikko this weekend it is a beautiful city to visit in Japan,if you have some free time this weekend go check out some hockey,I don’t think I will be going this weekend but I hope to get to a game soon.Here is a link to the arena map in Nikko

Finally the NHL kicked off last weekend in Europe with 4 games the Rangers beat the new look Lightning with former ESPN commentator in back to back games in Prague in the Czech Republic.The Senators and Penguins split their 2 game series in Stockholm at the Globe Arena.The North American games start on Thursday night and if you want to watch live games on your computer go buy NHL GameCentre Live 159 bucks,outstanding package I had it last year it was wonderful,you can also watch 4 games live at once using split screen.Here is the link


2 Responses to “Hockey pool reflections and Asian league update”

  1. Willy Badger Says:

    Sounds like fun the hockey pool. Any chances of me getting in or is it too late?

  2. Jay LaMorre Says:

    Do you think the Bruins will make the playoffs this year? How about the stanley cup winner. Wings again? Nice blog. Keep us updated on the pool. Who’s going to win it? Jay maybe? Is Ovechkin going to get more points than Crosby?

    Come out to the Chiba rink and take a few photos for your blog or better yet lace up the skates again and give em hell like you used too!! Remember the Phil rule.

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