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Asia League regular season is over!!!

January 30, 2009

Well the headline says it all,the playoffs are set to go next month,Anyang Halla finished in first place so they will get a bye to the semifinals where they will play the winner of the Cranes and High1 series which should be a good one as Ryan Kuwabara plays against his former team the Cranes as a key member of High1.Unfortunately, the China Sharks did not make the playoffs as I thought  they had but they changed the playoff format from last year when 6 teams made the playoffs,however Wade Flaherty former NHLer had the best save% in the league as the Sharks #1 goalie.The Nikko Icebucks had a tough season as they finished in last after losing their last game of the season to the Seibu Prince Rabbits 5-2 in the last regular season game ever for Seibu as they are folding after this season.I attended this game there was a table set up outside trying to save the team by asking fans to sign a petition but I think at this time there is no investor ready to buy the team.dscn2594This a picture during warm-up of the last regular season game in Seibu Prince Rabbits history,the score was 2-0 after 1 period,3-0 after 2 periods and the final score of 5-2,the game got a little chippy as it wore on and there were some minor skirmishes and shoving matches and a kind of fight but the players didn’t take off their helmets and gloves and trade punches.Here is a pic of a Nikko Ice Bucks player,I was really impressed with #20 Mickey Gilchrist,he is a smooth skater and he made a great pass to set up Nikko’s second goal.dscn2621 The Nikko Fans were pretty intense and vocal too they had a Japanese Taiko drum which they were banging throughout the game here is a pic of them.dscn2613I am looking forward to seeing some playoff games next month and the All Japan Hockey Championships will be held next month as well where teams from all over Japan compete even University and High School teams as well as the 4 Japanese pro teams.

Well let us get into the fantasy and hockey pool updates,I am the king of the pools right now,in Yahoo I have surged into a 4 point lead over Kevin from Toronto and 5 points over arrogant Dave from Calgary,my Bruins laden team is kicking butt as we say in fantasy hockey land,the only disaster was picking up Sundin but I tossed him away today and picked up Toews from the Blackhawks so I hope he can get me a lot of points.Luongo has also been crappy since he came back into the lineup and I benched him against San Jose as he lost a tough one 2-1 to the Sharks.

In the main pool,I regained first place from Johnny boy with a big 15 point night the first day after the allstar break.Jay the minister has fallen into third as his pickup of Sundin has been a major mistake papa Rog in 4th and the newcomer Brian in last with his many injuries.

In the NHL,the Bruins dream season continues,before the Allstar break they won their first game of the season in which they trailed after 2 periods against the Toronto Marlies oh I meant Leafs with a shootout win against the Laffs.They did lose a tough game today against the Devils after leading with 2 minutes left in the game and lost it in OT.

Finally a blast from the past picture of Miho and I at the NHL game in Japan in 2000 which featured the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators and a picture of Jaromir Jagr from the game.

I won the fastest slapshot competition  outside the arena with a shot of  about 130 km/hmihoandphil1Finally the Jaromir  Jagr picture the Predators won the game 3-1 and I tried to find my Russian friend who played on the Predators to get me tickets for the second game but I couldn’t track him down.img186


Happy New Year and Happy Hockey in 2009!!!

January 3, 2009

Well we are in 2009 and hockey is in full swing all over the world.In the Asia league a shocking news item from a press release by the league on December 28 that this will be the last year in the league for the Seibu Prince Rabbits as they will discontinue their team after this season is over.Wow I have seen many games at their home arena in Higashi Fushimi,it is a nice arena a little small but not too bad.Here is a pic before a game from last year at Seibu’s home arena in Higashi Fushimi.


As for the standings Seibu is in first Anyang Halla in second the Cranesdscn1939 in 3rd the Eagles in 4th High1 in 5th the Sharks in 6th and the Icebucks in last and in danger of missing the playoffs,so the battle for the last playoff spot will be amazing to follow as well as the battle for first place between Seibu and Anyang Halla.

NHL news the Bruins are the best team in the league with 62 points it is turning into a dream season like one from the early 70s for the Boys from Beantown as they are presently on a 10 game winning streak and a 14 game home winning streak.The goaltending tandem of Thomas and Fernandez lead the league in GAA and in other goaltending categories.Marc Savard is #5 in league scoring and Phil Kessel is # 4 in goalscoring.I can see a Sharks Bruins Stanley Cup finals coming up this year!!!!

Pool and Fantasy update well in our main pool sad to say but Jay the minister has taken over first place as my team has been decimated with injuries and I had to use my last trade today to get Hudler from the Red Wings and drop Paul Stastny from the Avs,Jay luckily has 2 trades left so it looks like he will win it all,John is in third and has made up some ground recently Papa Rog in 4th but he has just lost Gaborik to injury and Brian the newcomer in last and piling up more injuries in his first year in our pool.

Yahoo  fantasy update is the good news there is a 3 way tie for first as I write this post between arrogant Dave from Calgary,Kevin from Toronto and yours truly the Philster, I am riding the Bruins wave with 7 Bruins on my team and almost getting points on every Bruins goal and so many game winning goals as well.

Finally on a personal note our dog Lucky passed away on January 1st in a tragic accident so our family is in mourning now for our awesome little friend and buddy.Here is a pic of our wonderful dog a Kaiken Japanese breed.dscn1960 Rest in peace my friend!!!!!!!!

To end today a picture of me skating with Jay the minister’s 2 kids Tyler and Lisa and another friend Patrick who was a member of our old hockey team the Players.img_0082