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May 20, 2009

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Bruins lose a tough one in game 7!!!

May 20, 2009

Hi hockey blog fans and friends and family the mourning period is over for the Bruins and I have decided to look back at the heartbreak of the game 7 loss in OT.I watched the game at home by myself on Friday morning and definitely woke up the neighbours or scared them when the Bruins or Hurricane scored and threw some blankets and pillows at the screen door when the evil Scott Walker scored the winning goal in OT with under 2 minutes left in the first period when I had expected to see the second overtime period start and was totally devastated.Here is a picture of my Bruins playoff beard before I shaved it off on Friday night.DSCN2980Round 3 has started with 2 interesting semifinals to decided who will go to the Cup finals the Wings which I detest almost as much as the Habs have taken a 2 game lead on the Hawks and the Hawks seem to have some injuries to Havlat and Toews from what I have read on the net.I still hope the hawks can make a series of it and even come back to win it but the Wings have a very deep squad even without Datsyuk scoring he has now not scored in 11 games.

The other series is the Hurricane against the Penguins where the Pens have a 1 game lead after a close 3-2 victory in game 1 and the Pens have the better offence and I hate to say it but I think the Pens will win this series,I was a dreadful 0 for 4 in round 2 in my predictions and 6 for 8 in round 1.

In the hockey pool,major disaster I have 1 player left Eric Staal from the Canes,it looks like a 2 man race Billy boy is in first now and Jay the minister in second place Johnny boy is in third so his dream for a double pool win this year is over as he only has 2  players left. I also lost a 2-1 bet with Billy boy on the Detroit Anaheim series for 2000 yen and I made a double or nothing bet with Joe on the Canes Bruins series which I lost after winning the first bet on the Bruins Habs series.I met Joe for lunch today he is doing well and managed to hang on to his job in high finance for the moment and he bought me lunch which was great.

Well that is all for today enjoy the rest of the playoffs,oh some Bruins news before I sign off,it looks like both Kessel and Krecji will have surgery soon to repair injuries which occurred during the season and playoffs.