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June 30, 2009

hey everyone going to Calgary in 10 days I hope I can meet up with some of you there!!!


June 17, 2009

waiting for the iphone 3.0 update it is June 17th in japan I want my copy and paste already!!!

June 3, 2009

hey all new blog post is up at

The finals have begun!!!

June 3, 2009

Well back again for a Finals edition a little late but what  the hell here goes nothing.I did make a prediction of Pens in 6 before the series started and have slightly modified it to Pens in 7 after game 3 finished.The Wings are a strong team but the Pens really played well in the third period  tonight but they played poorly in the second  so they were lucky to get the win and get back in the series and a non-call for a too many men on the ice penalty in the game helped them avoid a Wings powerplay as well.Fleury played well today and recovered from the bad goal he gave up in game 2.Looking forward to game 4 on Friday morning in Japan,but I have to work so I will try to keep up on the game between breaks at work and hope for a long overtime so I can see the winning goal in OT by the Penguins.

Hockey pool news,  Jay the minister is hanging on to first but is only 2 points ahead of Billyboy,Malkin is giving him a shot  to win it all,all other poolies are out of it and dreaming of the regular season pool next season.

Bruins news, the Bruins have signed David Krecji to a 3 year extension of his contract which is great news as he was the second leading scorer on the team this year and the big man Z, the captain has been nominated for the Mark Messier leadership award which will be handed out on June 18 at the NHL awards in Las Vegas where it is being held for the first time in history.

That is all for now over and out,enjoy the rest of the Finals and  a day without hockey is like a day without oxygen.

June 3, 2009

wings lose there isn’t anything sweeter except for a Bruins win and a Habs loss Pens in 7 is the prediction modification!!!