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Hockey is back and so am I!!!

September 28, 2009

Hi hockey fans the summer is over and hockey is back,I went back to Calgary and Vancouver in July for 10 days and the only sort of hockey pic I have is Ron Maclean at the Calgary Stampede giving out some awards on the last day of the rodeo.DSCN3260The Asia league is already 2 weeks into the season and the Oji Eagles are in first place but they have played 5 games so that is more than most of the other teams.A new team has joined the league called the Tohoku Freeblades a team from the northern part of Japan who will play games in Fukushima and Aomori prefectures,they did manage to win their first game of the season yesterday against the Nikko Icebucks in Nikko.I might go see a game next weekend in Nikko as the Icebucks will play the China Dragon,the new Chinese team which is based in Shanghai,they were the China Sharks last year but it looks like the San Jose Sharks have pulled their affiliation with the Chinese team.They have 2 foreigners on the China Dragon one German and one Russian.The Seibu Prince Rabbits folding last season sent some players to the Icebucks Eagles and Cranes and the new coach of the Freeblades is the old Seibu coach.More info to come in my next post next I will move onto the pool and NHL reports.

The main pool will be held this Sunday at 630pm and we have 5 confirmed participants Jay the minister Johnny boy Papa Rog back after a 1 year absence and Joey the golden boy of finance and me.If you would like to join us please email or call me 13 players and 1 goalie with 3 trades.Players get 1 point for goals and assists as do goalies and goalies get 1 point for a win and 2 for a shutout.

As for ┬áthe yahoo fantasy ┬áthis is where we have a problem only 4 players so far but interest from Brian the sophomore and Jeff from Spruce Grove and a fellow Bruins fan.I hope we can keep this pool alive because it has been going on for 9 years so I will be very disappointed if it doesn’t go ahead.If you are interested the pool name is below and the password will be supplied if you want to join.

The Bruins report well the season starts in 3 days and the GM traded Phil Kessel to the Toronto Maple Leafs for 2 first round picks and a second round pick.I really like this trade it reminds me how we ripped off the Leafs in the Raycroft -Raask trade,speaking of Tuuka Raask he will be the backup goalie for the Bs this year and he has an NHL record of 1 win a shutout and 100% save percentage from last year but in only 1 game.Marco Sturm should pick up the scoring slack left behind because of the loss of Kessel.

Well thats all for now hockey fans see you soon and enjoy the opening games of the NHL season this week!!!!