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Bruins got the Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 5, 2011

Hello hockey fans,this post has been a long time coming and I am ecstatic to write about my favorite team winning  the Stanley Cup.Here is a pic of the Hockey news cover,I bought it in Vancouver airport after landing there on July 16th.The Hockey Newses were hiding behind the cash register in the Hudson News in the airport,I wonder why?

A brief review of the series they needed to win to get to the finals.The first series was against the hated Hab scum and went badly when after the first 2 games the Bruins were down 2 games to none.They then won 2 games in Montreal and came back to win a series in which they had been down 2-0 in the series for the first time in history and you knew this was a team of destiny or fate or whatever you want to call it.Nathan Horton scored the game winning goal in OT to win the series and would be a clutch performer for the Bruins until he was taken out by a cheap shot hit by Aaron Rome of the Canucks in the finals.

The next series against the Flyers was payback time after the Bruins choked away a 3-0 series lead against the Flyers in the previous year’s playoffs.The sweep was sweet as the Bruins dominated the Flyers and their minor league goaltending,Chris Pronger did not play in the series but he might have won the Flyers one game at most if he had been in the lineup.

The next series was versus the vastly improving Tampa Bay Lightning and I really enjoyed this series the most eventhough,it was very stressful going down to game 7 again in OT where Horton scored the game winning goal again to send the TD garden fans home happy again and dreaming of Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The finals against the Canucks who were the President’s Cup champions in the regular season.I watched game 2 at my friend John’s house and we had a wager on the series with him as well as a few other people in Canada and Japan.Game 2 was pretty hard as the Bruins lost and were down 2-0 in the series after that and my friend Mark was whooping it up and saying the Cup was the Canucks.This pic shows a scrum in front of the Bruins net in game 2 I believe with the captain Chara defending his team’s honour!!!I almost forgot the important TSN turning point in game 2 Rome hit Horton with a dirty hit and was subsequently suspended for the rest of the series because of this hit.

The Bruins then went home to Beantown and totally dominated and manhandled the Canucks in games 3 and 4. What time is it? It is 12 past Luongo was the joke after game 4 was finished. The Canucks didn’t give up without a fight and won game 5 with a shutout from Luongo who played well in Vancouver but totally choked in the TD garden.Brad Marchand took over game 6 and led the Bruins to a well earned 5-2 victory and set the table for a winner take all game 7.

Game 7 Patrice Bergeron #37 in your program but number 1 in our hearts after his courageous comeback from a concussion in 2007 scored 2 goals and shutdown the Sedin sisters for one more time and the Cup was back home in Boston!!!!

Then the partying began my friend Damian who had to work and couldn’t watch the game bought some Moet Chandon champagne and after he finished work and I finished work as I had to work in the afternoon after I watched the game in the morning.He wanted to watch the game again and my other friend Ross who is a Leafs fan watched the game together.

The next night on Friday I bought some more champagne at 2 Papas my friend’s bar and we had another toast to the Bruins sweeter than sweet Cup win and I shouted “We got the Cup”at the top of my lungs.
A few weeks later I had a Stanley Cup victory BBQ at my house and we only drank sparkling wine this time.Here is a pic of the boys at the BBQ!!!!

The last pic is in Vancouver airport when I passed through on my way to Calgary in July and wore my Bruins colours with pride.
What a dream season for the Bruins and Tim Thomas was the well deserved Conn Smythe winner
Timmy Timmy #30!!!!!!!!
Well training camp starts this month for “the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins”,I love saying that anytime of the day or night!!!