Hockey is back!!!

Hey the Asia Hockey league season begins on Sept.20th and the first tournament of the year is over and the Oji Eagles won it after winning 3 games in regulation,however the Nippon Paper Cranes won 2 games in regulation and one in a shootout and they did not play each other it would have been sensible to have a championship game with the top 2 teams.Check out the English website for the league here.

As for the NHL training camps will open in about 2 weeks and the first 2 games will be held in Europe so get your hockey pool knowledge and fantasy research done if you want to do well in your pool or fantasy leagues.

The Boston Bruins picked up Stephen Yelle, he is getting pretty old but I think he can help out on the penalty kill and faceoffs for the Bruins as this was one of their weak points from last year.

The Sundin saga continues, this is dragging out like the Selanne and Niedermayer  situations of a few years ago and once again Selanne is taking his time to decide if he will come back.I would like to see the Canucks get Sundin but I don’t think it will happen,I can’t believe they offered him 20 million over 2 years earlier in the summer.

Lastly,I will go to the Tokyo Canadians charity hockey party on Friday night so stay tuned for a recap next week.Nippon Paper Cranes bus in Kushiro


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