June 3, 2009

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The finals have begun!!!

June 3, 2009

Well back again for a Finals edition a little late but what  the hell here goes nothing.I did make a prediction of Pens in 6 before the series started and have slightly modified it to Pens in 7 after game 3 finished.The Wings are a strong team but the Pens really played well in the third period  tonight but they played poorly in the second  so they were lucky to get the win and get back in the series and a non-call for a too many men on the ice penalty in the game helped them avoid a Wings powerplay as well.Fleury played well today and recovered from the bad goal he gave up in game 2.Looking forward to game 4 on Friday morning in Japan,but I have to work so I will try to keep up on the game between breaks at work and hope for a long overtime so I can see the winning goal in OT by the Penguins.

Hockey pool news,  Jay the minister is hanging on to first but is only 2 points ahead of Billyboy,Malkin is giving him a shot  to win it all,all other poolies are out of it and dreaming of the regular season pool next season.

Bruins news, the Bruins have signed David Krecji to a 3 year extension of his contract which is great news as he was the second leading scorer on the team this year and the big man Z, the captain has been nominated for the Mark Messier leadership award which will be handed out on June 18 at the NHL awards in Las Vegas where it is being held for the first time in history.

That is all for now over and out,enjoy the rest of the Finals and  a day without hockey is like a day without oxygen.

June 3, 2009

wings lose there isn’t anything sweeter except for a Bruins win and a Habs loss Pens in 7 is the prediction modification!!!

May 20, 2009

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Bruins lose a tough one in game 7!!!

May 20, 2009

Hi hockey blog fans and friends and family the mourning period is over for the Bruins and I have decided to look back at the heartbreak of the game 7 loss in OT.I watched the game at home by myself on Friday morning and definitely woke up the neighbours or scared them when the Bruins or Hurricane scored and threw some blankets and pillows at the screen door when the evil Scott Walker scored the winning goal in OT with under 2 minutes left in the first period when I had expected to see the second overtime period start and was totally devastated.Here is a picture of my Bruins playoff beard before I shaved it off on Friday night.DSCN2980Round 3 has started with 2 interesting semifinals to decided who will go to the Cup finals the Wings which I detest almost as much as the Habs have taken a 2 game lead on the Hawks and the Hawks seem to have some injuries to Havlat and Toews from what I have read on the net.I still hope the hawks can make a series of it and even come back to win it but the Wings have a very deep squad even without Datsyuk scoring he has now not scored in 11 games.

The other series is the Hurricane against the Penguins where the Pens have a 1 game lead after a close 3-2 victory in game 1 and the Pens have the better offence and I hate to say it but I think the Pens will win this series,I was a dreadful 0 for 4 in round 2 in my predictions and 6 for 8 in round 1.

In the hockey pool,major disaster I have 1 player left Eric Staal from the Canes,it looks like a 2 man race Billy boy is in first now and Jay the minister in second place Johnny boy is in third so his dream for a double pool win this year is over as he only has 2  players left. I also lost a 2-1 bet with Billy boy on the Detroit Anaheim series for 2000 yen and I made a double or nothing bet with Joe on the Canes Bruins series which I lost after winning the first bet on the Bruins Habs series.I met Joe for lunch today he is doing well and managed to hang on to his job in high finance for the moment and he bought me lunch which was great.

Well that is all for today enjoy the rest of the playoffs,oh some Bruins news before I sign off,it looks like both Kessel and Krecji will have surgery soon to repair injuries which occurred during the season and playoffs.

April 27, 2009

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The NHL playoffs have begun!!!

April 27, 2009

Well I am back to talk about the playoffs and my playoff pool.The good news first my Boston Bruins bounced the hated Hab scum out in  a sweet 4 game sweep where they dominated the Habs in every facet of the game and ruined the Hab scum’s faint hope of winning the Cup in their 100th season.Tim Thomas  had a great series but it was Michael Ryder from Newfoundland who turned out to be the Habs killer with 4 goals in the series after he was discarded by the Habs last season in another boneheaded move by Bob Gainey who should be fired as GM in Montreal.

The Canucks and Wings also moved on to round 2 with sweeps as well,I am hoping for a round 2 matchup of these 2 teams so the Canucks can take out the defending champion Wings a team I hate almost as much as the Habs for personal reasons which I won’t go into.The Penguins have also moved on and I am really hoping they don’t meet my Bruins in round 2 because they are looking very strong and they have Crosby and Malkin.

The other 2 west series are turning out to be beauties as Don Cherry would say,physical battles all over the ice with the Ducks and the Hawks holding 3-2 advantages going into game 6,my preference is for the Flames and Sharks to win but they have to win 2 in a row to pull out the series.

In the east we have 2 game 7s which is great for the fans and I will be watching both of them on NHL gamecentre live on Wednesday morning in Japan as it is a national holiday and I am cheering for the Caps and Canes also because of hockey pool purposes.

Well on to the hockey pool talk as of now Bill  “the Boomer “Drew from BC is in first Brian the rookie is in second but he has lost 2 Flyers as they were eliminated  by the  Penguins,Jay the minister and Johnny boy tied for 3rd and I am in last but have finally cracked the 40 point barrier after a big win by the Sharks yesterday.I still believe the Sharks can win in 7 but Bill has stepped up the trash talk of the Sharks even when he has 2 Sharks on his team.The next 3 days are either going to make me or break me in the pool and that it is what playoff pools are  all about, “Go Big or Go Home “as they say in the sports cliche world. Sorry no pics this time but will put some in next time if I get a chance to watch some games with my fellow poolies. Go Bruins Go!!!

April 24, 2009

the weekend is here i hope i can have some beers with my fellow bruins fan damian tonight!!!!

Asia league champions Nippon Paper Cranes!!!!!!

March 28, 2009

Well last week was pretty exciting I went to game 6 and game 7 at the Higashi Fushimi arena on March 22 and 23.Both games were fantastic game 6 was a back and forth affair with Seibu jumping out to a quick 3-1 lead then the Cranes came back to tie it in the third period but Seibu got a late powerplay goal with 45 seconds left in the game  to win it 4-3 and to force the do or die game 7 the next night.dscn2702This is a picture of the equipment truck for the Seibu team which is folding after this season,they are having a fan festival today at their arena March 28 to say goodbye to the team.

Game 7 do or die with the champagne waiting for the champions,Darcy Mitani scored the first goal a powerplay goal with a great wristshot from the point that found the top of the net.dscn2694

Here is a picture of the Cranes goalie in game 6,he ended up making 54 saves in game 7 and won the MVP trophy for the finals #61 Hisashi Ishikawa,Seibu tried their hardest to tie up the game in the final minutes of the game but they failed even after pulling their goalie for the extra attacker.I was sitting in the Seibu fans section with my Japanese  friend Kagaya who is a big Seibu fan and I managed to piss off a lot of fans their after I cheered loudly when the Cranes won the game.

Here are some pics of the celebrations on the ice.dscn2752dscn2760dscn2766

Next the fantasy and hockey pool report,well I am screwed in both of my pools 4th place in both with about 2 weeks left in the season.

In the main pool Johnny boy has moved into first but only 1 point ahead of Jay the minister and papa Rog in third he is about 11 points ahead of me and Brian the rookie still in last place in his inaugural season in the pool with the big boys!!!

Fantasy update Kevin from Toronto has solidified his lead at the top and Johnny boy has moved into second and arrogant Dave from Calgary  has overtaken me but only by half a point so I hope I can beat him and my friend from Newfoundland  is in last place but he has not managed his team all season which I am angry about.

Finally the Bruins have clinched first place in the Northeast division and have 102 points with 9 games left they had 6 days off and will play the Maple Laffs on Saturday night ,my buddy Damian might come over to my place on Sunday morning to watch it live in Japan.Tonight is the Tokyo Canadians hockey party at the Muse bar and I am going with my wife and her friend so it should be a good night. Last picture today is a picture of the wife and I at game 6 of the Asia league finals with my new team Canada Salt Lake City Olympics jersey which I bought at the arena.I can’t wait for the playoffs to start and the Bruins to get to the finals,Go Bruins Go!!!!!!!dscn2723

Asia league playoffs and All Japan Championships

March 5, 2009

dscn26481Hi all this has been awhile but I have been busy moving,we are in 2 houses right now.We finally move out of the old place on March 8th Sunday.Hockeywise it has been very busy in Japan,last month was the all Japan championships.I was only able to make it to one of the first games,it was Hosei university against Bushukan high school from Hokkaido,the university team only won 5-2 .I was impressed by a defenceman on the high school team #88 Nakamoto ,he had 2 points in the game and was a solid dman but a little small.As for Hosei,they had a dman #3 Ishikawa who was big and strong but it is not too hard to be tough against high school players. Here are pics of both the players and the final scoreboard.dscn2648dscn2647

Well the winner of the tournament was the Seibu Prince Rabbits in their final season ever, they beat the Nippon Paper Cranes in the final 6-5 in a very exciting game.

Next the Asia league playoffs have started and the Nippon Paper Cranes beat High1 in the first round 2-0 in a best of 5 series.The Seibu Prince Rabbits have moved into the finals with a 4 game sweep of the Oji Eagles which I was surprised by because the Eagles are the defending Asia League champs but Seibu is on a mission to win in their final season in the league because they are folding as Seibu has pulled their sponsorship of the club.The other semifinals series is a great one,Anyang Halla has a 3-2 lead in the series as it moves back to Korea for the final 2 games if needed.I hope that Nippon Paper comes back and wins the series but it will be hard for them in the opponent’s rink.

Fantasy and hockey pool update,well in the pool it has been a disaster I have fallen to fourth place as all my players have been playing like minor leaguers and even papa Rog is ahead of me now,it looks like a 2 man race between Jay the minister and Johnny boy who has moved into first place,he has never won the pool so it will be a miracle if he wins.

In Yahoo fantasy I have fallen to second place as Kevin from Toronto has had a great run recently,arrogant Dave from Calgary is in third Johnny boy in 4th,my goalies have kept me in contention and Luongo has finally started to play like the allstar that he is. On the trade front my goon Carcillo has been traded to the Flyers and I hope he can be a Broad Street bully like Dave “the Hammer “Schultz and Bobby Clarke.I hope I can at least finish in second ahead of arrogant Dave.

Finally in the NHL the big bad Bruins have fallen out of first overall as the Detroit Dead Wings took over top spot today,they are 1 point ahead of the Bruins and the Sharks.The Bruins made 2 trades at the deadline picking up oldtimer Mark Recchi from the Tampa Bay Lightning ,he has 2 Stanley Cup rings so I hope he still has some life in left in his legs and he can chip in a few goals and assists in the playoffs.The other trade was picking up Steve Montador a solid stay at home dman from the Ducks for Peteri Nokelainen,he also has a ring he won with the Ducks.

Well the move is almost finished I have to find a new internet provider,might upgrade to the 1GB super high speed internet woo hoo.More news soon about the Asia League championship series.